Geolorn, are set to announce some very exciting news that will benefit their clients and projects, throughout Europe and beyond.

With their involvement, in most sectors of the drilling industry, Geolorn, recognised that they had gaps in their strategic alliance partners, which compromised their clients’ abilities to gain access to a support network that encompassed their needs.

As Geolorn’s, ethos is to deliver client value and enhance project success, they felt the need for change, bringing in a new partner, that shared this same thought process, through continuous innovation and market involvement.

So often, changes bring uncertainty, but Geolorn are 100% certain, this change is undoubtedly for the better, offering all their clients and their projects a whole new level of interaction, from day one planning through to cutting the ribbon.

Likewise, Skelair, have made some major “premier” signings to their team, reinforcing the business model, offering “bespoke solutions”, not “best fit”, yet maintaining value and reduced cost of ownership.

Our other strategic partners Driconeq and RG Logging Services, continue to be at the forefront of their service offerings and allow Geolorn to support projects through a turn-key approach, without adding cost to the end-user.

Geolorn constantly review the way they do business and always seek to add partners that enhance their service capability, to the benefit of their client base.

Be sure to make a note in your diary and revisit soon to see how you can benefit from Geolorn and their new alliance partner. Of course, you contact us at any time to get instant access to solutions for all your drilling project needs.