Drilling project management

So often this is overlooked by specifiers, choosing to leave decisions to contractors, which can result in compromises that could so easily be avoided through simple planning, leading to a bespoke service, enhancing the project’s outcome.

By matching project goals and managing expectations at an early stage of the planning process, all key stakeholders can be appraised of what is practical and what is achievable, resulting in less lost time and costly dispute resolutions; and of course a more harmonious relationship between client and contractors.

Equipment supply chain management

By engaging with Geolorn, drilling companies can save time, money and costly mistakes, by utilising our capabilities to source and supply specialist drilling equipment, ensuring compatibility and overall effectiveness.

With increasing cost pressures, large companies have taken to deploying purchasing managers/departments and whilst, this may seem a great way of getting the lowest prices, it can lead to equipment arriving on site, that cannot be used in conjunction with other items.

Add to this, the need to understand the operational processes, making sure the correct equipment is on site at the correct time and you start to build a picture of how easily things can quickly go badly wrong.

There is also the constant need for site people to chase their purchasing department, to ascertain where things are, extending the chain unnecessarily.

Geolorn can rationalise this chain, pulling together the right equipment at the right time, working to critical deadlines that make any project progress, without time lost.

In the long term, higher cost savings can be achieved by removing purchasing departments all together and outsourcing the process, to a specialist team of people, who understand the wants and needs of your projects and operations.

Specialist drilling personnnel

Occasionally a project requires someone just a little bit special, whose career path has equipped them with specific knowledge and skills, that would help a project progress. That may be for one day, one week, one month or a year!

Geolorn network of people can help you fill the gaps to help your project along. These people can be hands-on or advisory, whatever your needs are; and the added benefit is that everybody learns something new and takes away new knowledge and skills that can be applied to future project.