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About Us

With wide-ranging practical industry experience, covering deep resources (energy and mineral), geotechnical and hydrogeology, Geolorn can offer services that are often complementary to a successful project outcome.

With extensive in-house experience and global partnerships with an array of industry specialists, coupled with procurement and logistical support, Geolorn is an ideal partner for any drilling-related project.

Geolorn is continuously involved in a variety of Research and Development programmes focused on drilling and sub-surface optimisation, to achieve Net-Zero targets enshrined in global agreements, reducing risk and costs.

With their global partnerships and industrial alliances, Geolorn can provide State-of-the-Art solutions to wide-ranging projects, that alleviate their client’s having to co-ordinate multiple organisations.

Kevin Mallin

Four decades of global experience across resource drilling and exploration, including geothermal, mineral and oil and gas sectors.

Various Managing Director level positions with leading companies such as H&F (later Atlas Copco), and Dando International. EMEA Regional Director for Ingersoll Rand Deep Drilling Development Oil and Gas Division. Founder of specialist drilling companies such as Bluewater.

Various board and advisory roles including leadership for an eleven-nation consortium in deep geothermal drilling developments.


Robert Gordon University and previous Winner of media Achievement Awards.

A highly accomplished climber with numerous interests in geology.