To say that Geolorn is excited to announce its newest strategic partner, Center Rock Incorporated (CRI) is somewhat of an understatement! We are ecstatic.

CRI has long been on our radar, due to their extensive product range, their continuous process of improving the ways holes get drilled and their tireless interaction with clients and their projects.

Famously, CRI provided the hammer systems used in the 2010 Chilean Mine Rescue, which allowed the rescue team to drill a hole in hard rock, large enough to permit the rescue canister to be lowered to the trapped miners. CRI embraced the challenge under the watchful eyes of the entire world, with little or no room for failure.

So, to be able to announce that we are going to work together on providing solutions for the European drilling industry, is a very proud day for Geolorn.

Like Geolorn, the entire CRI team is focused upon solving the problems, that drilling projects face on a daily basis, whether it is a small hole for various purposes or a hole of over 3 metres for construction requirements (or rescuing miners), CRI come up with the answers.

CRI’s extensive range of drilling tools, including overburden casing systems, will allow Geolorn to work with their clients, whether it is for an energy resource project or a large diameter bridge pier, marine moorings, wind turbine foundations etc. The larger diameter requirements will benefit substantially, from CRI’s “LP” drills, that deploy groups of small hammers, within a canister, to drill rock.

CRI’s Roto-Loc – Overburden Casing System

There are numerous advantages of the LP approach for large diameter holes – lower rock impact, than those created by large single piston hammers, lower cost of operation, simple repair processes (as opposed to large single piston hammers) and the ability to run them in Reverse Circulation (RC) mode, offer projects a broad scope for overcoming varying drilling conditions.

CRI’s LP – Reverse Circulation Drill

Combining CRI’s product range and support, with those of our other strategic partners, SkelairDriconeqNN Drilling and RG Geologging will bring numerous benefits to all of our current and future clients.

Contact us today, to see how being a part of our partnerships, will set you apart from the competition.