As promised, Geolorn are excited to share the news of our new Strategic Alliance partner NN Drilling Manufacturing, based in Jessup, Pennsylvania, USA.

Like Geolorn, NN Drilling share exactly the same ethos, of keeping their customers at the focus of the operations, manufacturing high quality exploration and geotechnical equipment, for a broad section of the drilling community.

In particular, Geolorn will be working closely with NN Drilling, for wireline coring equipment, something that had been missing from Geolorn’s partnership portfolio, despite Geolorn working globally within the resource exploration and optimisation industries.

Working with NN Drilling, will strengthen Geolorn’s service support capability, when planning and implementing drilling programmes and increase their capability to provide bespoke solutions.

With the world’s natural resources dwindling, their evaluation becomes increasingly important, so the correct choice of exploration methods needs to be at the centre of any drilling programme, in order to avoid missing vital information.

This same philosophy also extends to the requirements of the construction and infra-structure industries, with the increasing complexity of projects, demanding higher and higher levels of information recovery, the selection of drilling equipment becomes of paramount importance.

Adding the strengths of NN Drilling, to those of Skelair International, Driconeq and RG Geologging, gives Geolorn’s clients access to an increasingly global group, yet maintaining the personal attention to every detail. Contact Geolorn today, to see how your projects can benefit from our partnerships.

Be sure to come back soon, as Geolorn are set to announce, yet another major partnership, which will really rock the European drilling industry.