No, Driconeq’s Ex-Flow DrillTM Pipes are not causing drillers to become depressed, but they do continue to amaze them, drastically reducing drilling times, saving fuel and getting projects completed ahead of schedules.

Whilst the above are quantifiable results, we have started to see additional benefits, which we are now analysing. It would appear that the internal liner acts as a damper whilst drilling, reducing vibration and noise. We believe that this results in the bit running on bottom more efficiently, adding to the overall increase in penetration rates.

It is well known that vibration and the noise generated, have a fatiguing effect on drill string components, so any reduction can only be beneficial to reducing life-cycle costs, with the additional benefit of being able to work within the built-up environment, with lowered environmental impact.

The more we drill with the Ex-FlowTM Pipes, the more benefits we will discover and share with the drilling community. Check back regularly or call us to see how we can benefit your operations.

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