The visit of Center Rock’s Christen Fisher and Jim Rose, to the UK was a huge success, interacting with a number of contractors, project teams and consultants.

Center Rock provide the widest range of down the hole drilling (DTH) equipment, in terms of hole sizes and drilling methodologies, of any DTH hammer manufacture, with some innovative ways of utilising small mobile equipment to drill large diameter holes. This in particular sparked a great deal of interest amongst some of the UK’s largest geotechnical contractors.

What really impressed the audiences though, was the level of support and service that the Center Rock, Geolorn and Skelair team can offer, working together with the client and specifier to produce a system that optimises equipment and maximises the value of investment.

With the increasing complexity of projects and the continued push to lower costs, the Center Rock, Geolorn and Skelair team, look to provide cost-effective solutions, for all ground engineering projects that need to deal with rock, from 75mm up to 3,353mm (and still growing).

Center Rock are also continuing to develop their casing drilling systems, which certainly impressed those fortunate to see the new developments, soon to be released to a global market, so look out for news on this and other systems, all of which will bring added benefits to your equipment portfolio. It is almost as if somebody has thought, there are more effective ways of drilling casing into the ground.

Please get in touch if you wish to find out more and be amongst the first UK drilling contractors to benefit from the design expertise of Center Rock Inc.