Geolorn Limited

A multi-disciplined
drilling project
management company

About us

Geolorn Ltd. was founded in 2010, by Kevin Mallin after the sale of H&F Drilling Supplies Ltd.

By working with their clients, Geolorn can bring together under a single umbrella all that is required to achieve targets and avoid costly mismatches of equipment, through a diligent approach to operational requirements.

Geolorn have wide ranging experience across most sectors of the drilling industry from shallow geotechnical investigation holes, through to deep exploration wells. Their skillsets with large diameter down the hole hammers also offer clients and contractors an additional source of knowledge and can prove invaluable, where difficult ground conditions necessitate the need for an innovative solution, especially for construction projects.

Through a single phone call, most technical aspects of drilling related projects can be covered and operations become streamlined and more efficient.

A multi-disciplined
drilling project
management company

Headed up by Kevin Mallin, who has over 40 years experience across most sectors of the industry.

Working in the field as a driller and drilling engineer in his early years and laterally working with industry notables on the supply side. Kevin’s practical skills are key when interfacing between clients and suppliers, to maximise value and provide a bespoke solution for projects.

Tel: +44 (0)796 806 4151 | Email:

USA based Josh Marcus brings countless years of practical drilling and equipment engineering knowledge to the table.

With a strong emphasis on air and down the hole hammer drilling. Josh has been part of the revolution in USA based land drilling, especially shale gas, which has seen operating costs reduced exponentially through equipment applications.


What we do:
  • Drilling project management
  • Equipment supply chain management
  • Project support services
  • Site supervision
  • Specialist drilling personnel
  • Project audits