Center Rock Incorporated (CRI)

CRI was founded in 1998, by Brandon Fisher and is now a “Who’s Who” of Down The Hole Hammer (DTH) drilling, from design through to management and testing regimes.

Based in Berlin, Pennsylvania, USA; CRI epitomises what customer focus is all about, listening and responding to those in the field, fine tuning existing products, or producing a completely new design, where required.

The product range is vast from Single Piston Hammers through to their multi hammer LP canister drills, offering hole diameters from 76mm (3”) through to over 3,000mm (120”), which allow clients to address most requirements for holes in rock, be it for a simple probe hole or large shaft.

In 2010, CRI’s expertise was tested to the max, when they had to supply tooling that allowed the drilling of a hole, into which a cage was lowered to rescue miners, trapped deep underground, high in the Chilean Andes. This whole project is now a thing of legend and underlines the ethos that drives CRI on a daily basis.

Because, CRI listen to the market, their Roto-Loc Casing Whilst Drilling (CWD) system, is continually evolving, combining the advantages of an under-reaming method, with the ability to manipulate the casing, reducing the risks of it becoming stuck and avoids the problem of under-reaming systems, that can become jammed, when the “wings” become wedged in the open position, preventing the bit from being withdrawn, which can laed to having to pull the entire casing string, as well all drill pipe.

Any project that requires a hole to be drilled in rock, or casing to be installed through ground too difficult to penetrate with rotary drilling methods, would benefit greatly from having CRI in their arsenal, so contact Geolorn today, to see how you and your project can be a part of this strategic partnership.