N+N Drilling

N+N Drilling have been manufacturing high quality rock coring and ground sampling equipment for almost half a century.

Based in Jessup, Pennsylvania, USA in the heartland of the American industrial belt, their state of the art manufacturing facility and extensive warehouse capability, means that the highest quality equipment is shipped quickly and efficiently.

Whereas, all other major suppliers have “commoditised” in-hole equipment, N+N Drilling, still take huge pride in the equipment they manufacture and supply, knowing full well that the guy on the rig is relying on them to ensure that what he is running, is as good as it can be.

This may be an old-fashioned way of running a company, but when you consider that we are involved in the exploration and sampling of rocks and soils, millions of years old, then it probably makes sense to buy equipment from people who understand the demands of our industry, rather than people in suits staring at spreadsheets.

Geolorn are really pleased to be able to work with N+N Drilling, for all their exploration drilling projects and share this collective knowledge with their client base, as Geolorn and N+N Drilling recognise the importance of quality tooling and its role in a successful project outcome, often in remote locations.

Contact Geolorn today and understand why we believe that N+N Drilling is one of our Core Strengths.